Kháng Nghị Facebook Block Tính Năng
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Cho anh em nào cần, đừng chấm chủng hay kết bạn hoặc để lại gì hết, anh em nào biết rồi thì bỏ qua ạ!

Anh mark nhé hết khoá page em kháng về, khoá nick mình cũng kháng về, còn khoá mõm thì AE đợi tí kháng nốt, bị dính quả quét ko comment cả like được!

Link kháng block tính năng:

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For those who need, do not dot or make friends or leave anything, if you know it, please ignore!

Mr. Mark, the end of the page lock I resistance back, lock Nick I also resistance back, and lock mõm, you wait for a bit, got caught the result scan not comment all like!

Link Elevator Block Functions:
Resistance Form:
Are you kidding me love each other for almost a dozen years why do you treat me like that, it’s sad that the morning wake up using the service of Facebook team that has been reported like that, it’s really inconvenient, I’m looking forward to the board As well as support Facebook look for me, because loving facebook team is something I can’t believe

Why do you treat me like that for 10 years, how sad do you treat me when I wake up in the morning using the services of the facebook team, but being reported like that, really inconvenient, I hope the board of directors as well as support facebook review for me, because love facebook team is something I can’t expect!

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